Great Commandment

Great Commandment Fellowship Ministries Inc.

 "Love the Lord thy God with all they heart, all the mind and all thy soul.."



"And they overcame and conquered Him because of the blood of the lamb and because of the word of their testimony, for they did not love their life and renounce their faith even when they faced death." Revelation 12:11 (AMP)

"Truely I Thank God for the Woman of God My spiritual Mother, My Apostle, My Friend ,My Prayer Warrior Apostle Bowers is a true Woman of God I Thank her for her Prayers, Encouragement her Love not only for me but my whole family I Thank God I can talk with her and she gives Spiritual advice, support Because some things cannot be shared with everyone To God be the Glory for giving me her Apostle I Thank you for being a part of my life and I know that you are praying God's will for my life We love and Pray God Blessing upon you" - Melissa Samuels



"My name is Camilla Christopher I got save in April of 1993 at Great Commandment under the leadership of Apostle Cannon Bower at the time. They where in a three night revival my sister invited me ,she didn’t really new them she stayed down the street from the church and someone had told her about the revival.  So that whole week she kept asking me to go so Isaid yah just to get her to leave me alone. The revival started that Wednesday she came to pick me up but I was drinking so I acted like I was really drunk because I thought she would leave , but she told it was ok she would wait for me to get dress and she did. We got to church I sat in the third row from the back went to sleep when Iwoke up they was making the altar call of cause I went and got pray the little lady that was preaching ask did I want to be save I said no just want prayer. Went home the next night about six o clock I decided I wanted to go back so I did but this time I drove myself again I had been drinkinggot there went sleep woke up during altar call again went and got prayer. Nextnight did the something all over again but this time I woke up during offering the deacon ask me did I have a offering I told him no, so he gave me twenty dollars and I was like wow do this brother know what he just done because my mind was to go get me some crack after church but a fear griped me so I gave ten in each offering . Didn’t realize that was my sacrificial offering after the offering I went back to sleep and woke up during alter call the little lady ask me this time did I wont to be save I said yesand all I remember was she called forth for the north south the east and west wind and she ask the holy Ghost to breath on me when Iwoke up I was laying in Apostle Cannon Bower arms and she ask me did I know that I received the Holy Ghost and I was like what. But I left the service believing that it wasn’t real , when I reach home they where drinking and smoking crack my baby daddy at that time because we wasn’t married yet andhe ask me did I wanted some and I was like no. That was the night God save me delivered me and sat me totally free from crack cocaine & alcohol have never had the desire to go back no AA no drug rehab none of that stuff I give God all the Glory and I thank God for Apostle Bowers and Great Commandment Church Family that didn’t treat me just any kind of way but took me under their wings loved me and birth me into full maturity in the gospel., and still supports me as God have given me my on ministry."  -Camilla Christopher

"Apostle Bowers is a strong, loving, caring Pastor. She is also very funny which makes it easy to approach her on more than just a spiritual level. Apostle Bowers cares abt the souls of people. She led me to Christ at a very young age and has been there for me and to guide me in the way of the Lord ever since. She always finds time and a way to encourage me or lend a hand. No matter how far I get from her, she'll always be my pastor and I love her forever. "-S. Myles

"Great Commandment is where I ermeged on my quest to find myself as an artist. At the age of four I began singing on the praise and worship team along with my father. It was here that I began to learn and cultivate my mind for success and the greatness bestowed upon me. Through the tutelage and leadership provided, I was able to learn what was needed in order to guide me through many difficult situations in life. At Great Commandment we did not find just a ministry to attend and be taught under but, we found a sense of family and community that has not faded in any way since being connected. I learned various principals needed for a young man such as self sufficiency, personal development and leadership. At a young age, I was positioned as a vocal leader in the ministry and this was very challenging being so young but it was also very rewarding. I loved that the younger generation was given plenty opportunity to be used and exercise their gifts. The nourishment given at Great Commandment made it easy to build a strong foundation of faith to stand against any opposition." - Antoine Christopher

"My family and i are so grateful to be members of Great Commandment Fellowship, We have a great pastor Apostle Olive Bowers. She is an awesome woman of God she is someone who care and love everybody. Pastor takes time out of her busy schedule to listen to you, talk to you when you have concerns and problem. She is a woman of God, that excepts you for who you are. I have 3 children and all of them has received Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior, in this ministry. Thank you Jesus! She is a prayer warrior, prophet, teacher and when she prophecy to you it come to pass. I called her because i was frustrated, because i had signed up with a cell phone company the second week of Aug. and on the 27th of Aug they said i had to pay my bill now or they were going to turn my phone off and they did when i called pastor she said  call them back i did and they said they couldn't do nothing about it, so we prayed again and she spoke a word of knowledge and said God said he was going to give you favor with the right person and that he (God) was going to turn it around call them back and i did . This time  the man i talked to said he was sorry for the way i was treated and i don't owe anything now my next bill don't have to be payed tell, Sept. 27 and he took some money off my bill. Thank you Jesus..." -Keino O'Brien 

"My name is William, and i live in Atlanta, Ga. A friend of mind told me about Apostle Bowers, i was  going through something at the time, about 8 months ago. I called her and started to talk to her, she let me finish talking and then she said can i pray for you, i told her yes and after she prayed she said, would you like to except the Lord Jesus Christ in your life and i said yes, she lead me into the sinners prayer and i excepted Him in my life and that was the best day of my life. I have a lot of love and respect for Apostle Olive Bowers and i thank God for her." -William P.